At The Webster Funeral Home, we offer caskets in all price ranges, from the most economical to the most elaborate. For example: Some caskets, referred to as "protective", have a rubber gasket which allows the casket to be sealed from the entrance of air and water.

We offer caskets ranging in price from the most economical ($600.00) up to the most elaborate (gold-plated $35,000) and everything in between. Burial vaults also range in price from $700 for the most basic up to $11,000.00 for the most elaborate.

We offer quality steel, copper, bronze, and hardwood caskets in all price ranges. The price of a given casket is determined by construction materiel, interior, and exterior hardware. Casket interiors are composed of different grades of crepe up to the most lustrous velvets. Exterior hardware and other adornments can also add to the cost of a casket.

The price of a casket depends on the material from which it is made.

Steel caskets are constructed from 20 ga. steel, which is the thinnest, up to 16 ga., which is the thickest. The thicker the steel, the more expensive the casket.

20 ga. steel casket

18 ga. steel casket

Wood caskets are constructed from the most inexpensive of woods, such as pine, to the most elaborate, such as mahogany. Hardwood caskets are probably the most beautiful and warm in appearance and are produced in a great number of varieties from solid cherry, oak, and mahogany.

solid cherry casket

solid oak casket

Semi precious materials, such as stainless steel, copper and bronze are also available at a premium price. Solid copper and solid bronze caskets were once reserved for the very wealthy, however, such a casket today can be purchased for under $4,000.00, if desired. Copper and bronze do not rust, and such material is utilized in everyday life for gutters and downspouts on upscale homes, for example.

solid bronze casket

solid copper casket

stainless steel casket


Complete funeral services and a 20 ga. steel casket of your choice
Complete funeral services and an 18 ga. steel protective casket
Complete funeral services and a stainless steel casket
Complete funeral services and a copper casket.


Complete funeral services and a bronze casket
Complete funeral services and a solid cherry casket